The Patrick Madrid Show: June 30, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Susan in AZ says fireworks were already cancelled in her community because of the dryness there are fire hazards
  • Caller: Mary in NV says she grew up in Chicago and poverty had no color. She says people don’t talk to each other anymore
  • Caller: James in CO asks about a guide to the Bible
  • Caller: Terry in IA asks about Purgatory and Thessalonians, 4:17-18 where it stated the dead will go to Heaven first
  • Caller: Jean in FL asks about the 10 commandments compared to the golden rule
  • Caller: Nancy in MN asks about who may enter Heaven outside the Church, and how many Catholics have been led astray or affected by abuse. God would show His mercy, right?
  • Caller: Rick in SC asks about defending his family from the rioters for being white, or being killed for his Faith
  • Caller: Alvaro in CA asks when indulgences originated