The Patrick Madrid Show: June 8, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller is paying $175 per hour for therapy help but can’t keep doing it. Patrick recommends spiritual direction
  • Caller: Elizabeth in IL asks what to tell her friend at church who is trying to justify the violent rioting and has joined the BLM movement
  • Caller: Gary in NJ thinks if we want to solve racism, we should look to the guidance of blind Christians
  • Archbishop Viganò’s letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now
  • Patrick provides his own perspective on Viganò’s letter to President Trump
  • Caller: Donna in CA has a friend who asked her to buy “Florida water” which she is confused about because she heard it might be used for a ritual
  • Caller: Mary in IL asks for the book Patrick recommends for children of divorce
  • Caller: Bertha in NJ asks for clarification of who are the “children of light” versus “children of darkness”