The Patrick Madrid Show: June 9, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Timothy in AZ extends charity toward caller Scott from hour 1
  • Caller: Tom in CA
  • Caller: Isabel in CA isn’t happy with the way her parish is distributing Holy Communion
  • Caller: Bernie in FL asks what is the most key distinction between the Episcopal Church and Catholic Church
  • Caller: Adrienne in MN is blind and thanks Patrick for his audio book, but she wants more
  • Caller: Edith in CA has a son in a gay relationship and he wants to adopt children. He says two fathers are better than none. How can she discuss the topic with him?
  • Caller: Richard in CA asks if he should teach his confirmation class virtually or delay and wait to be in person
  • Caller: Ann in WI discusses the healthy ways children learn from their mothers and fathers