The psychology of riots

  • Hour 3 of 6-4-20
  • A continued look at the riots and the anger/violence we are witnessing. George Floyd’s death was wrong, but the riots that have happened as a result are not warranted. So what is contributing to all of this? Are police helping when they take a knee in solidarity? Dr. Anne Hendershott doesn’t think so. She said that police taking a knee and raising their fists is only fueling the flames. She explains in this hour. Also, did you hear that Saints QB Drew Brees recently said that he doesn’t believe NFL players should take a knee as a peaceful protest? He walked those comments back, but what he said set the internet ablaze; other football players were quick to criticize his original comments.
  • Have you considered having a Mass said for your family’s happy death? So many people die every day, and they need our prayers. In the final hour, satan wants to rob every soul. We must pray for these souls in their final moment! Every day. Susan Tassone joins Drew for discussion.