Title VII/Transgender, Funding Police, Distanced from Eucharist 6.16.20

Carrie Severino: Supreme Court ruling that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers transgender status & sexual orientation is “hijacking of textualism” for sake of appealing to college campuses & editorial boards; can’t redefine the meaning of words themselves and claim textualism; ominous sign for anyone concerned about the future of representative democracy. 

Bob Barr: Though law enforcement has in some places fallen below necessary high standard of neutrality & accountability, reforms should begin with ending overcriminalization, demilitarizing police, de-escalation, and limiting or ending no-knock warrants, instead of facing ‘a world without police’. 

Jon Stotts: Missing the Eucharist and feeling socially distant from God; the power of praying through the Scriptures in dark and difficult times.

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