Will Trump win the presidency again in 2020?

  • Hour 3 of 6-15-20
  • Despite polls which claim that Biden has a much better chance of winning than President Trump, Dr. Gerard Lameiro says otherwise. He adds that rather than following polls, he is examining the trends which often go unnoticed or just ignored completely. Dr. Lameiro believes that Americans want the country to have law and order, so President Trump is smart to run on this platform. He expects the president to run against socialism and to continue to embrace American ideals and freedom. Hear his comments and also his opinion on Biden’s potential VPs.
  • What should we make of the latest police controversy in Atlanta? A black man was shot this past weekend when he started pushing back against the officer who tried to arrest him for drinking and driving. He sadly lost his life, but was the officer just trying to protect himself? Maybe we should consider the fact that so many police officers feel targeted by the mainstream media and cultural elites. Drew adds commentary and takes your calls.