You can protest but can’t pray in church

  • Hour 1 of 6-5-20
  • President Trump has defended adoption agencies who want to hold to their Catholic and faith based principles, refusing to adopt out to gay couples. They reiterate the fact that they are not trying to discriminate or keep foster kids away from finding families. However, they want to respect their conscience. Learn what the Trump administration is doing to help these particular agencies. Nick Reaves updates you.
  • How is it fair that people can protest right now but people of faith can’t go to church because of the virus? Mayor De Blasio of NY said that he believes these protests are more important than church. Does this border on religious discrimination? What can we do to make our voice heard and how will this hold up in the courts? Hear what Eric Kniffin says.
  • Want to stay safe from getting COVID? Some experts are saying this type of electrical fabric mask might help. It is made in Japan and could be helpful for you. Learn more about this and the malaria drug controversy. Remember Hydroxychloroquine? The president has been touting it as helpful despite criticism. Well now, some authors have retracted their previous study on the drug. Dr. Bob Tiballi is here for advice.