Bias in news publications

  • Hour 3 of 7-15-20
  • Bari Weiss worked for the NY Times, but resigned this week and wrote a pretty bold letter explaining how she was harrassed, targeted, and treated unfairly by her colleagues. She’s not even really a conservative, but she did not fit the “woke” mold of the editorial and news divisions of the NY Times. We see this bias throughout media as a whole. What sort of response should we have? What news publications are actually fair? Prof Paul Glader engages in a fascinating conversation on this.
  • NY Gov Andrew Cuomo has ordered a pretty strict travel restriction for other states. You can read more about it here. Now, at the same time, some conservatives are upset about this because not only is there a harsh penalty for not complying, but the left freaked out when the president did his own travel ban. So is this fair? Is it legal? Eugene Volokh explains why the Gov. can do this in this situation.