Cases of COVID

  • Hour 1 of 7-7-20
  • Maybe you are a young person who isn’t too worried about COVID. Or maybe your kids or grand kids are saying that nothing would happen to them if they got the virus. Dr. Fauci had a message to young people with this particular attitude. He said that the age of those affected is getting younger and younger. Even those with mild symptoms should take extreme caution, he says. This brings up the importance of masks which would help prevent airborne spread of COVID. Testing for those with symptoms is also crucial. Dr. Barbara Golder joins the show.
  • Should the US medical community be paying more attention to Hydroxychloroquine? Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons thinks so. Dr. Mark Siegel told Tucker Carlson that he thinks this drug was ignored and even vilified simply because the president said he was taking it and believed it could be effective. He called it a “political hit job.” Is this true? Why isn’t this drug being looked at more? Is there an agenda to get a vaccine? Hear what Dr. Fitzgibbons says.