Chaplet/Statue of BVM beheaded

  • Hour 2 of 7-16-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Say a prayer for mercy and offer reparation for the sins commited against Catholic churches and statues. A statue of BVM was beheaded in TN at St. Stephens. Our Lady has had to suffer much and our hearts should break for this tragedy. We are beginning to see stories like this all over the country!
  • Have you considered wearing a Brown Scapular? It is not meant to be a good luck charm or a rabbit’s foot, but when worn with devotion and love, it offers spiritual protection. Drew even shares a story of a person who put one on, and it caused demons being summoned at a party to quake in fear. You have to hear this story! Sue Brinkmann stops by to offer her advice and stories related to this Scapular. She says not to keep it by your bedside but to actually wear it.