COVID impacting Hollywood sex scenes

  • Hour 3 of 7-31-20
  • With more families spending time at home, cable/broadcast networks and TV outlets are focusing on family friendly entertainment. Is this here to stay? Ed Morrissey has a conversation with Melissa Henson from Parents TV Council about the state of TV entertainment and what is safe for your kids. She raises concern about some of the content on streaming subscriptions that might appear to be suitable for younger ages, but really isn’t. What networks have been flagged lately? What shows have they been following? Get this and more.
  • Christian Toto stops by to talk movies and Hollywood. Because movie theatres have not been open, big movies like Tenant and Mulan have been pushed off and it is not known when they will actually be released. They discuss the state of Hollywood in this uncertain time and dig into some of the movies coming out, including a new conservative movie called Trump Card. They also look at some of the liberal narratives being pushed in movies.