Current political situation

  • Hour 3 of 7-21-20
  • Dr. Paul Kengor on the 2020 race. Polls indicate that Biden is ahead – but do you believe them? Will 2020 end up being like 2016 where the silent majority comes out to vote for President Trump? Biden is trying to get out of doing debates the traditional way, and he is also getting closer to getting his VP pick squared away. Will it be Sen. Harris or another Black African American woman? Get connected to this news and more.
  • Rep. Dan Lipinski is a pro-life Democrat, and he has been the target of pro-choice groups for a long time. He has demonstrated what it means to live out your Catholic faith in the public square, even when it is not popular. Rep. Lipinski believes that we should not let our political afilliation come before our faith; we need to make sure our Biblical worldview and Christ’s love influences the way we vote. Hear his thoughts about the political vote as well as what he said at his commencement speech for college students.