End of the $600 unemployment benefit

  • Hour 1 of 7-31-20
  • End of the $600 unemployment benefit will happen at the end of this month, and yet both political parties remain married to their own agenda and wish list they want passed through in this next financial package. This leaves many Americans hopeless and without relief. If either party were to embrace distrubutism and a Catholic approach to solidarity, we wouldn’t be falling prey to this idealological divide. As Catholics, we shouldn’t make conservatism or liberalism our supreme and primary identity. Thomas Storck argues that we need to reclaim the true Catholic vote, and make our political policies truly about the “little guy.”
  • How is God choosing each one of us during this time in history? What are you called to do in this difficult time? David Carollo from Blue Army discusses Our Lady’s Peace Plan, and he reminds you that you are here in this time for a reason and you have an important purpose. We don’t know if these are the end times, but what you should remember is that this life is not forever. Embrace prayer, The Rosary, First Saturdays, the Sacraments, and the message of Fatima.