Impact of pandemic on the Church

  • Hour 1 of 7-15-20
  • While you may disagree with a lot of what Justice Ginsberg stands for, we hope you do pray for her. She ended up in the hospital this week and has had yet another health scare. She has now been released; pray for her conversion! Also, in this news roundup, get the latest on COVID, vaccines, pro-life news, and the Georgia heartbeat bill which was knocked down. Please keep praying for an end to Roe v Wade!
  • Fr. Paul Sullins stops by to talk about the ways the Church has been impacted by COVID. We are witnessing some Catholic schools closing down due to financial stress, and some churches are having to merge as well. Father doesn’t see this as a completely bad thing, and you need to hear his perspective on the way he sees it. He says that local churches need to have good discernment and be willing to go where the Lord is leading. Pray for your Church leaders in these difficult times.
  • Do you carry around much cash at all? Are you ready for a cashless society? The country is apparently going through a coin shortage, and even Kroger is now saying that if you use coins, you may not be able to get all your money back. Digital currency, Bitcoin, and other trends like Venmo are becoming the new rage, and Dr. Lawrence White discusses the societal and cultural implications on what this means.