Massachusetts town approves of poylamory

  • Hour 1 of 7-6-20
  • Drew begins with a news roundup pertaining to COVID cases and churches in CA being restricted by the government. Some churches are being told that they can’t allow singing in their congregation. Also, the FDA has allegedly been involved in aborted fetal baby sales. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton was horrified when he found out about this; hear his audio reaction.
  • IL is mandating that public schools have LGBT history classes, and Massachusetts has a town that is approving of polyamory. This is clearly the fruit of the Obergefell decision. When Obama said same-sex marriage was justice, we said all along that this would only open Pandora’s box. Mary FioRito reacts to this news and talks about how her own kids have been affected by this dangerous ideology in their school.
  • Progress and this evil in our culture is clearly leading to anti-Catholic sentiment. It has become increasingly more difficult to live out your faith in a culture and world that is so secular. A world that says you don’t have the right to live out your faith and values is not so tolerant after all. Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami gives his perspective on this soft despotism of anti-Catholicism and what to do about it.