News roundup/Fatima

  • Hour 1 of 7-10-20
  • Biden is encouraging you to “Buy American.” In his economic outline address he countered the economic policies of President Trump, adding that the president is far too concerned about the stock market as he is normal Americans. Hear what he says.
  • You have been fighting for the Little Sisters and feel terrible for what they have had to go through. Sadly Biden said he does not stand with them, and if he became president, would rescind the contraceptive exemption for them. Judge Napolitano told FOX News that they have been “vindicated” by this new Supreme Court ruling this week, and he also applauded the decision.
  • So are the COVID cases going up in your state? Are you worried about another stay at home order? Dr. Fauci says that some states are moving too quickly in reopening and may need to pause.
  • In other news, the Jackson monument in Jackson, MS is being target for removal. Also, President Putin has the chance to be president for life. He has been granted authority to continue on indefinitely, despite lower approval ratings. A look at his leadership, faith, political stances, and how people in Russia are reacting and what might happen.
  • David Carollo from Fatima Blue Army is here to discuss hell and what happens if we reject God. We are living in a special time, and we need to follow our Lady’s Peace Plan and the message of Fatima. We must look at the spiritual war happening in front of us with this civil unrest and realize the reality of hell. Watch the Fatima trailer here.