Operation Legend

  • Hour 1 of 7-23-20
  • What you need to know: Chicago shootings are only getting worse, one happened outside of a funeral home the other day. Also, an earthquake detected in Alaska, and the latest news out of China.
  • A look at the stimulus bill being decided upon, as disagreements between Republicans and Democrats are trying to be solved, it appears a 1 Trillion package has been put together, but does not include payroll tax cuts. Will it incentivize people to stay home and not go back to work? What is the right financial solution to help struggling families and to help people at risk of eviction? Get Catholic perspective from Former Rep. Sean Duffy.
  • Violence and rioting escalating in Portland, and now even the Mayor of Portland was teargassed when he tried to stand in solidarity. Federal agents have been sent to get things under control, and the same is happening now in Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago has set limits as to what she will allow in her city from the police, but Andy McCarthy says she is being disingenuous. He gives perspective on these difficult and scary situations in our nation, and explains why the federal law enforcement are entitled to go undercover.