Persecution of Cardinal Pell

  • Hour 1 of 7-21-20
  • What you need to know: A look at the charges against popular FOX News anchors like Sean Hannity and Ed Henry – are they to be believed? Also, why is Tucker Carlson saying the NYT is targeting him? He has concerns that his address will be given out and his family will be at risk. What has happened to responsible journalism? It has become mere editorial. A woman calls to share her own experience of abuse and how her career was blacklisted.
  • Hear the latest on the McCloskey couple in St. Louis who are under fire for waving their weapons in self-defense. Get the latest on why they are under attack and what this means for people’s private property rights.
  • Cardinal Pell of Australia has been a target for the faith and has been through so much with the courts. And yet he has complete forgiveness for those who tried to make him out to be a criminal and does not hold a grudge. A look at how Catholics have been persecuted and how we should respond with Msgr. James Shea. He offers insight and encourages us to be courageous witnesses of our faith.