Planning Vacation & St. Alphonsus Liguori 7.31.20

  • Anticipating a vacation (even a mini-vacation in the time of covid-19)? It’s a very Catholic thing! PopTakes: CNN side steps calling women, “women”; good pro-life news from Mexico; why did the American Frontline Doctors video get silenced so fast?
  • Guest, Fr. Tim Grumbach: discussing St. Alfonsus Liguori – confessors come forward not for punishment, but for salvation; do you meditate on the thought of your own death?
  • How to live a Catholic death and help others do the same with hope and reverence for what is good for the soul and our eternal destiny. We believe in an eternal destiny, we have reverence for the soul and hope.
  • Would you read more if it meant you’d be happier? St. Ignatius of Loyal found himself recuperating from a military wound and discovered a path to sanctity.