Pro-life news

  • Hour 3 of 7-30-20
  • NY State proposes “study” on pro-life pregnancy centers. This is clearly a blatant attack on the pro life movement and religious freedom. Kathleen Gallagher is in.
  • More pro-life news from Kristi Hamrick. FDA files appeal on chemical abortion ruling – Hamrick explains why every pro-lifer needs to be paying attention to this.
  • Caring for our elders at home is a cause that Dr. Charles Camosy has championed. He believes that if we really want to take the 4th commandment seriously, we need to consider how we are standing in solidarity with the elderly and those in nursing homes. They cannot be forgotten or “thrown away.” We must be willing to fight for legislative action and personal responsibility that keeps them safe. How can we do this and what else belongs in this conversation? What should social conservatives be willing to accept from a bipartisan point of view? Hear what Dr. Camosy thinks.