Pro sports going all in for BLM

  • Hour 3 of 7-6-20
  • Whether it’s the Cleveland Indians looking at changing their name, the Atlanta Braves considering the idea of getting rid of the Tomahawk cheer, or Kaepernick calling the 4th of July a “celebration of white supremacy,” cancel culture is in full force. Sports teams are bending over backwards caving into the BLM mob, and where will it stop? The NFL will be using the Black National Anthem at their games now. Are these ideas wise? Should we be considering these actions? Brooks Singer gives his take.
  • Statue busting has continued in the US with many monuments being torn down. Some even want Mt. Rushmore taken down. The president gave a speech this weekend at this American monument and said that the US will not be erased by the left, as much as they may try to revise our history. Carol Swain drops by for some truth bombs that you need to hear.