Return to school

  • Hour 1 of 7-13-20
  • A news roundup with Drew. Head of GOYA Foods supported the work that the president is doing and praised him, and some are boycotting him for that. Others are supporting him for not backing down in his convictions. AOC believes that crime is going up because people need to steal to get bread. What??? How does that make sense? Also, the Washington Redskins will be changing their name, and Notre Dame has hired pro-abortion Pete Buttigieg. Get this and more.
  • Hagia Sophia reverts to a mosque, and Michael Rubin brings you the details.
  • Mary Pat Donoghue and Jennifer Daniels discuss the possibility of reopening schools. Should COVID prevent this from happening? As some teachers express concern about catching the virus, we know that kids are not as susceptible to getting a bad case of COVID. So do the pros outweigh the cons? Will kids have to stay home and jeopardize their education? What are the Catholic schools and USCCB saying about this? Get an update on what is being addressed.