Some lighter topics with Salena Zito

  • Hour 1 of 7-29-20
  • Salena Zito is a go to when it comes to political analysis, but she covers the gamete this hour with Ed Morrissey. They get into some lighter topics like minor league baseball. Even though the MLB has come back, we are still waiting for Minor League teams to jump in. But when it comes to the tougher conversations, they dig deep and try to find some hope. They explore how we as a modern society have been impacted by the lack of social distance and what we can do to bring about restored unity in this time. What can we learn from this situation we have found ourselves in?
  • The separation of powers during a pandemic has not been easy to work out. What are people’s rights throughout this pandemic which has certainly been unprecedented? What about what airlines can do when it comes to mandating masks? A look at the implications imposed upon Americans, and how far government can take this while still keeping people safe. Get connected with Luke Wake.