Supreme Court/Hate crimes

  • Hour 1 of 7-8-20
  • Justice Roberts was in the hospital recently, and it is only being reported now. Of course this SCOTUS justice let you down by his bad rulings, one of which was on the Louisiana abortion case. The Supreme Court did have a favorable ruling though, in which they gave the Little Sisters a victory! As more Supreme Court cases come down the pike, we await to see what Justice might step down. Prof. Matthew Franck discusses the Little Sisters case on mandating contraceptive coverage. They will not be forced to provide for this.
  • Hate crimes are a thing, but what defines one? Wouldn’t you think that destroying monuments are one? Well the left doesn’t seem to think so. They are more concerned about BLM murals being painted over. Get this story and great discussion from Prof. Teresa Stanton Collett.