The Inner Life July 13th – Marriage

Marriage. What does it mean to be married? What does the Church teach about love and marriage? Father Dave Heney joins Patrick Conley to discuss the importance of marriage.


Caller Story – Shares how she has been married for 40 years and how she and her husband got there.

Caller Story – Her first marriage was abusive, got an annulment. She then made a point of making sure her faith was first and that God was in all of her relationships.

Caller Question – His wife is not Catholic, what can he do to help her with the faith?

Caller Story – Shares how important prayer is in marriage. She is newly married.

Caller Story – Shares how she is going about discerning her vocation to marriage and how the Lord has been guiding her.

Caller Story – She has different medical conditions, her husband has helped her through the difficult times.