The Patrick Madrid Show: July 1, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Abortion law author Senator Katrina Jackson denounces Supreme Court decision
  • Tom Hanks: ‘I have no idea when I will go back to work’
  • Caller: Danny in CA describes his failing marriage. His wife served him divorce papers, she comes home drunk and is a bad example for their daughters
  • Caller: Gene in CA asks about a news story he saw in Columbus regarding Bishop Brennan and Fr. Klee
  • Caller: Alexa in MN asks Patrick about Catholics and the Holy Land
  • Caller: Mary in RI asks about her personal situation. She is divorced, received an annulment, and is living as brother and sister with another man
  • New York City to cut police budget, but some say it’s not enough
  • Caller: Kevin in CA asks where we draw the line with persons in leadership positions that we don’t agree with