The Patrick Madrid Show: July 1, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Kevin in CA continues his call from the previous hour on how to know when to obey those in authority and when to listen to your conscience and disobey. He particularly is conflicted about wearing a mask in light of ongoing COVID-19 standards
  • Caller: Don in CA asks about the University of Notre Dame hiring Pete Buttigieg
  • Caller: Frances in NY recommends Al-Anon to caller Danny because it is meant for family members of alcoholics
  • Caller: Steve in TX asks about his son who is about to have a baby and he is nervous about having a baptism during COVID-19. Should they baptize in the hospital?
  • Caller: Wayne in IL asks about a past comment by Pope Francis on a plane about Catholics obsessing over abortion
  • Caller: Steve in IL asks about contact tracing in relation to the seal of confession
  • Caller: Kimberly in MO works at a grocery store and is required to wear a mask, and shoppers tell her they don’t want to wear them but they do for the good of others
  • Caller: Kathleen in MN asks for background info on the Mexican government in the 1920’s as depicted in the movie, “For Greater Glory”