The Patrick Madrid Show: July 1, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Soundbite: Chris Cuomo tells Americans “they don’t need help from above”
  • Caller: Steve in CA comments on churches taking names and contact info in midst of the pandemic, compared to restaurants that aren’t required to do the same
  • Caller: Gary in CA asks for a resource recommendation to help someone changes their socialist views
  • Caller: Jason in UT asks about priests and bishops endorsing certain political parties or politicians
  • Caller: Mary in CA attended a memorial mass for a non-Catholic, and the non-Catholic guests received Holy Communion
  • Caller: Ramona in WI asks if prayer can become an addiction. Her kids say that they don’t need to pray as much as her.
  • Caller: Joanne in MN asks about a megachurch that prayed for a little girl who died to be raised from the dead
  • Caller: Todd in WI asks if his marriage is valid because he was married by a protestant pastor who ended up murdering his daughter and killing himself
  • Caller: Ruben in CA asks about the apocrypha and why it didn’t make it into the Bible