The Patrick Madrid Show: July 13, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Listener email: Robert in CA works for a credit union and says a person’s race has no effect on mortgage approvals, like a previous caller from a different show once claimed
  • Caller: Joan in CA asks if the angel that guarded the Garden of Eden still guards it today. She also asks if in the book of Revelation it really means there will be a “new earth”
  • Caller: John in CA asks Patrick about the trending hashtag #JewishPrivilege
  • Caller: Marlene in FL is offended about Trump and Goya Foods
  • Caller: Ann in TN is heartbroken and anxious about being denied Holy Communion on the tongue
  • Caller: Terrence in ME comments on today’s Gospel reading about division in the home and sacrificing a lower good for a higher good
  • Caller: Andrea in IA says hand sanitizer kills good bacteria and dries on your hands, whereas washing your hands washes off bad bacteria. She thinks it’s similar to wearing masks. They don’t help