The Patrick Madrid Show: July 14, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Michael in CA comments on Kyle Martin’s valedictorian speech and shares his own life lessons and how his goal is to get his loved ones to Heaven
  • Caller asks for an adult camp she could attend
  • Caller: Ricardo in NM asks how to help his friend who is being recruited to the messianic faith
  • Caller: Steven in CA attended a protestant church recently and he felt something good he has never felt at a Catholic church. He is exploring his Faith more and asks for advice
  • Caller: Donna in AZ asks if Patrick has heard of the apparition in in Quito, Ecuador in 1594 that foretold what we are seeing now
  • Caller: Lorraine in WI asks the difference between a feast day and a memorial
  • Caller: Danny in CA asks how we are to be Christlike and not judge others, while looking to St. John the Baptist’s example of pointing out another’s sinful behavior and calling them to repentance
  • Caller: Bob asks about the requirement for an indulgence on detaching from sin and how we can do that if we know we will sin again