The Patrick Madrid Show: July 16, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Barbara in CA asks how Jesus could ask the apostles to walk away from their families and who took care of them
  • Caller: Beth in IN asks if Patrick has heard of Doug Cole or heard that the National Prayer Breakfast isn’t as it seems
  • Caller: Terry in IA asks for clarification on Revelations, judgment, death, and Hell
  • Caller: Emily in NJ asks how we should respond to statues of the Blessed Mother being desecrated
  • Caller: Jim in MN asks about the meaning and value behind wearing the brown scapular, since today is the feast of Our Lady at Mount Carmel
  • Caller: George in IL is from India and responds to Jim’s call from hour 2 regarding the history of Christian missionaries and St. Thomas
  • Caller: Dr. John in FL and shares that patients need relationship
  • Caller: Rita lives in a retirement community, therefore is at high risk for COVID-19, and was told they will never go to church again. What can she do to participate in Catholic life?