The Patrick Madrid Show: July 17, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Researchers find it’s easy to get personal data from Zoom screenshots 
  • Caller: Tim in FL asks Patrick for tips on how he is so efficient with his time i.e. working a radio show, studying/reading, praying the daily rosary, having 11 children, etc.
  • Caller: Jean in WI asks if the “cross” Jesus asks us to pick up and follow him is synonymous with His “yoke” in Matthew 11:28-30
  • Caller: Wyatt in CA asks for prayers because he is going to get his tonsils removed in a few hours
  • Caller: Joseph in IL asks about Jesus being tempted in the desert
  • Coronavirus test results skewed, and deaths labeled as COVID-19 incorrectly
  • Caller: Tess comments
  • Caller: Barbara in CA says her friend was told her test results were positive for COVID-19, yet she never ended up taking the test in the first place.
  • Caller: Greg in IN asks about confession (Luke 1)