The Patrick Madrid Show: July 27, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Around the country, restaurants are closing every day, leaving workers unemployed and potentially forced to find other lines of work
  • Florida TV reporter alerted to cancer after viewer spots lump on her neck
  • Yes, TikTok really is spying on you for China—new report 
  • Caller: Erica in CA asks the Church’s perspective on transgenderism
  • The most controversial mustache in South Korea has fallen victim to the razor’s blade, with U.S. Ambassador Harry Harris visiting a traditional barbershop months after his facial hair became the object of unusual criticism
  • Caller: Jennifer in ME received seeds from China unexpectedly and threw them out not knowing what they were
  • Listener email: Douglas asks Patrick if it is okay that the priest doesn’t give Holy Communion to the deacon before the deacon gives communion to the congregation
  • A&E viewership takes nosedive in aftermath of ‘Live PD’ cancellation
  • Caller: Mary in TX asks what the definition of “white privilege” is, and the role it plays in society