The Patrick Madrid Show: July 30, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Single mom donates lottery win anonymously to wounded policeman, but officers track her down to reciprocate
  • Caller: Lynnette in UT is new to the Catholic Church and asks about Catechism paragraph 460 regarding becoming “partakers of the divine nature” and if we will become a “god”
  • Caller: Ann in TN asks how to respond to someone who bashed the Latin Mass
  • Caller: Maria in NY asks if it is a good idea to give her book on making sense of suffering to a friend who is suffering
  • Caller: Elizabeth in NY asks the difference between the Society of Saint Pius V and Society of Saint Pius X
  • Caller: Marilyn in NJ asks if a person can still attend adoration if they haven’t gone to confession yet and are in sin, or if it would be forbidden just like receiving Communion