The Patrick Madrid Show: July 30, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Mystery solved: Scientists trace source of Stonehenge boulders in Southern England
  • Caller: Rosolie in FL asks if Patrick has heard of China sending masks that burn your fingers
  • Caller: Cindy in CA asks about common law marriage. Her neighbor lived with her partner for 19 years but they were never married, yet they told people they were…
  • Caller: Gabby in IL asks about an abusive relationship at home
  • Caller: Steve in WI asks if Matthew 16:19 means everything the Church teaches is correct. He struggles with believing in Purgatory and Patrick shows him where it addresses it in Scripture
  • Caller: Julie in NJ asks about certain Catholic devotions and consecrations
  • Caller: Jamie in CA asks about getting something blessed from her priest
  • Caller: Mary in MN asks how to lead her husband to the Faith as he is nearing death