The Patrick Madrid Show: July 31, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: Dale Schoeder chose a humble and honest lifestyle, and before he died, left his inheritance to put 33 strangers through college
  • Caller: Cindy in CA comments on stereotypes and homophobia
  • Caller: Jim in CA asks about becoming a Godfather decades ago when he was an evangelical at the time. Did it count? He is now Catholic
  • Caller: Tom in CA comments on churches being closed in light of COVID-19
  • Nick Sandmann’s lawyer issues fiery statement of intent to get CNN’s Brian Stelter fired for ‘breach of confidentiality’
  • Caller: Maggie in IL asks what to tell her grandkids about their father not believing in God
  • Caller asks what to do with some blessed sacramentals that she doesn’t want/need anymore