The Patrick Madrid Show: July 7, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick discusses a retweet by Michael Knowles and the U.S. Surgeon General that demonstrates the conflicting information we’ve been given re: wearing masks
  • Caller: Colleen in WI is frustrated because she says church’s rules aren’t always being demanded by the government but by its own bishops and pastors. She wishes everyone could drop their politics while in the sanctuary and let each person do what they want
  • Caller: Joanne in ME is a nurse and says she is seeing the positive results of wearing masks
  • Caller: Caroline in CA asks about general absolution
  • Patrick shares how St. Damien had to occasionally shout his sins out loud to a priest on a boat, while everyone watched and listened
  • Caller: Lucy in IN asks for clarification on the authority of priests to consecrate bread and wine into Christ’s Body and Blood
  • Caller: Debbie in WI is concerned about two men she knows who are Lutherans but were told that they could receive Holy Communion at Catholic Mass