Passing of Fr. Ratzinger/The Truth About St. Junipero Serra

7-1-20  Hour 1

Topics Covered:

The passing of Fr. Georg Ratzinger. This was the brother of Pope Benedict. Someone who knew his life well was Fr. Joseph Fessio. Get analysis from him.

What’s happening in Seattle. A look at this from Ed Morrissey at the dismantaling of CHOP and how Mayor Durkin failed to protect her city. She claimed this would be a “summer of love” in jest, but it has turned out to be far from that. When two people were killed, the law had to step in and put an end to this precinct. However, will we see CHOP or CHAZ again in a different form somewhere else?

The truth about St. Junipero Serra. As people are trying to tarnish his image and have torn down his statue, the truth needs to be known. Andrew Galvan has followed his life closely and has a good perspective to share on his legacy and sainthood.