Unrest in US cities

  • Hour 1 of 7-20-20
  • What you need to know: A look at Joe Biden and his abortion record, flipping on the Hyde Amendment and pledging to go against the Little Sisters if he becomes president. And we need to pray for his conversion and to grow in his faith. In other pro-life news, Kanye West shared at a rally that he was tempted to abort his child, but he is so happy he did not. He talked about how when he and his wife were pregnant, he first wanted to have an abortion, but Kim Kardashian refused to abort. He opened up and shared how happy he is that they had their baby.
  • A wall of moms were shielding the protestors in Portland causing chaos – yelling “moms stay clear – feds stay clear.” Rioting in Portland has caused violence, unrest, and mayhem that needs to end. So the feds have been brought in to get control of the situation. What are we to make of it? James Hirsen explains why this is not an infringement on First Amendment rights.
  • A reflection on the Most Precious Blood of Jesus.