Virtue of patriotism

  • Hour 1 of 7-2-20
  • 4th of July plans have understandably been interrupted this year, and COVID has many people staying indoors this year. The cases have risen, and much of it could be due to testing. Drew brings you the latest news on this and also brings up the implications this could have in coming weeks. Will we see more restrictions again?
  • On a much different note, how do you feel about the recent Supreme Court rulings? Are you wondering if more conservative justices will be appointed? Some have wondered if Justice Alito or Justice Thomas might step down. Msgr Stuart Swetland gives his take on whether he believes these reports are worth taking seriously. He said that it is best to assume they are not true until firm confirmation is given.
  • Msgr. Swetland also discusses the virtue of patriotism. Is it Christian to have a love for one’s country? He is asked if someone could go too far in having a patriotic sense of country. He is also asked about the desecration of statues and civil unrest currently happening right now. Msgr does not hold back in explaining why he believes these actions are anti-Catholic.