Why God allows suffering

  • Hour 1 of 7-24-20
  • What you need to know: Day of Mourning for Hagia Sophia becoming a mosque. Also, Christopher Columbus statue was removed in Chicago. It seems like the more we as Americans bend to the mob’s demands, the more they will demand. They will not stop! However, Dem. Rep. Steny Hoyer of NY said on the House Floor that he thinks this removal of history should not be a partisan debate – do you agree? Also, do you believe that there are UFOs? Do you think we should look into it more? Sen. Rubio of FL has been wanting to investigate, related to extraterrestrial life, and his reasoning for wanting to explore this. Hear his comments and Drew’s commentary on UFOs.
  • You might remember that Kristen Day of Democrats for Life pressed then presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg about allowing pro-lifers into the Democratic party. He said he refused to admit that the Democratic party was a big tent party that would accept pro-lifers, but she is not backing down. Kristen Day continues to petition the Democratic party to be open to those who believe that life is precious in the womb. She says that so many Democrats believe in the sanctity of life and want to be included. Hear her report on this and what she expects.
  • Why does God allow suffering? Have you asked that before? As hard as it is, we are called to suffer, and we are called to unite it at the foot of the cross. Allow your suffering to be used for the conversion of others. David Carollo of Blue Army joins Drew to talk suffering, finding meaning in the cross, Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Fatima, and the new Fatima film coming out soon. He says that he believes the enemy wants to thwart this message of peace!