Abby Johnson speech at RNC

  • Hour 1 of 8-25-20
  • A look at what you need to know: The RNC kicked off and much of it had to do with cancel culture and protecting America from communism. You need to hear what one man said about it; he is an immigrant and has seen the dangers that the Marxist movement can pose. You’ll hear this audio as well as other clips from the RNC. Also, riots and violence continue, now in Kenosha, WI. Many want the police defunded, but they don’t realize how ridiculous this would be, and dangerous too. This is happening in Austin, TX, where the city council voted to cut some funds for the police dept and redirect them to abortion access. We need to pray!!
  • A conversation with Jason Snead about mail-in ballots. The Democrats are pushing for mail-in election, while conservatives are afraid of fraud happening. Why the disparity and difference in viewpoint across political lines? What can we expect to happen in November, and is the post office ready for this big task? Brace yourselves for what is to come!
  • Abby Johnson has been a pro-life advocate for some time, now. And she was asked to give her testimony at the RNC; she was elated! She joins Drew to share her pro-life witness and to give hope to women who have had an abortion. She believes that every person has dignity, and is using her platform to share that truth.