Biden campaign

  • Hour 3 of 8-11-20
  • Following news of the VP pick from Biden, having selected Sen. Kamala Harris as the running mate. A look at her background and what she said to Biden during the debates. Also, a conversation on faith in politics. Should one’s faith life play a significant role? President Trump attacked Biden’s faith and attached him to an anti-God agenda. How much of a conversion has President Trump truly had, and is he sincerely pro-life? Also, if Biden is a Catholic shouldn’t he also fight for the unborn? A look at these topics with Dr. Daniel Mark.
  • Former Cong. Sean Duffy stops by for his take on Harris. He sees her as a strong pick for VP, but is concerned about her pro-abortion record and the fact that she went after David Daleiden. Drew and Duffy raise the point that her prosecution background may not bode well for those who want the police defunded. Also, a brief look at Russian/Chinese influence in elections and what Speaker Pelosi had to say about it.