BIG NEWS, Sunday Obligation & Marriage 8.6.20

  • Timmerie announces big news: baby coming Advent 2020!
  • Choosing a wife with advice from St. John Chrysostom: Who would you die for?  Who are you prepared to love as you are instructed to love by the Holy Spirit in Scripture? If you married a surly woman, you must reform her with gentleness, patience and kindness.
  • Guest, Father Scott Herrera, Pastor of St. Mary’s (Escondido, CA): What does it mean for me when the Sunday obligation has been lifted?  What if you’re watching the Mass on livestream?
  • We live by faith, not fear! Search out your faith.
  • Why should we hold marriage in high esteem? Marriage has been difficult since the beginning of time but like the Sunday Obligation something that God has instituted cannot be changed. 
  • Instagram question: How can we help our husbands be better husbands and fathers?
  • Feast of the Transfiguration: as in the Baptism of Christ we hear the voice of God the Father designating his Son.  We are also reminded that not everything Our Lord teaches is easy to understand but important to believe.