BLM mob yells at diners to raise fists

  • Hour 1 of 8-26-20
  • What you need to know: Get caught up on the RNC audio. Nick Sandmann and Melania Trump gave great talks last night, and you can hear what they had to say about the unrest and media bias. Sadly, these people have been mistreated by the MSM and we need to pray for them.
  • Also, did you hear about the BLM mob that was approaching patrons at a DC restaurant? They were harassing these people and coercing these men and women to raise their fists, and were taunted if they didn’t comply. Is this the new norm for the future? Find out what to make of this with Mark Curran.
  • The political crossroads for Catholic schools – it is a truly unprecedented time right now. Will schools reopen and will they be able to stay open? Much is unknown right now; get this updat5e from Ashley McGuire.