Chaplet/Harris on life and Catholicism

  • Hour 2 of 8-12-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Now that we know that Biden has picked Sen. Harris to be VP, what do we know about her record on life and religious liberty? Mary Hallan FioRito is here with us on this.  She has pledged 100 percent support to Planned Parenthood and has stood for abortion completely. She also does not appear to value the pro-life cause whatsoever. A look at her record on this as well as how she has treated Catholicism. A note that Relevant Radio does not seek to endorse or condemn any candidate, but we want to give you a look at the issues that matter in this election like life, liberty, and marriage. We encourage you to allow your faith and Catholic moral priniciples to influence the way you vote.