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Chaplet/Dignity of the human body

  • Hour 2 of 8-4-20
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • A Gospel reflection on Jesus helping Peter walk on water in the midst of the storm. Are you willing to trust and get out of the boat? A discussion on anxiety, handling fear, embracing trust, and taking action in vocational discernment. We, too, are called to be like Peter and get out of the boat. Even in the midst of worry, Jesus will help you not to sink.
  • A discussion on Saint John Vianney, the priesthood, and Msgr. James Shea’s antidote about his own brother who is a priest. He also explains why sex acts in movies are sinful, while an actor who portrays a robber or murderer is not sinning. This witnesses to the incredible dignity of the human body; the body is precious and holy and should not be defiled. Sex is something so beautiful that it should not be taken out of the marital union.