Confusing Things the Pope Says 8.4.20

  • Pope Benedict Emeritus: latest news let his scholarly work inspire you! 
  • Why does the American Cancer Society recommend HPV/ Cancer screening so often?  Discussion on more honest conversations about the risks of sex outside of marriage are needed. Compassion, healing, transparency and a path forward for those with STDs.
  • Guest, Joseph Heschmeyer author: Pope Peter: Defending the Church’s Most Distinctive Doctrine in a Time of Crisis did Pope Francis’s comments on an airplane interview ever confuse you about Church teaching? How to understand Magisterial teaching & authority.
  • Saint Paul corrects Peter in Galatians 2, calling him out for not living by his teaching. Peter is the rock that people must lean on, but is also the rock people trip over. Understanding Papal infallibility: nothing will be taught that is not in keeping with the truth of Church teachings; we will never be asked to choose heresy or schism. Courtroom analogy: what are the laws? Does the judge have jurisdiction? Caller, Erica: what are Catholics to do if the Pope goes into heresy? What to do when there is confusion in the Church?
  • Saint John Vianney: patron of parish priests; satan mocked his sacrifice. Are we trying to serve our Lord through sacrifice or be proud of the sacrifice we are making? Embrace the crosses!!