Exercise & Gender Affirmation Surgery 8.12.20

  • What kind of exerciser are you? Do you need equipment or a gym to keep you motivated? Are you having trouble finding the support for exercise with restrictions in the pandemic?
  • Guest, Michael Gasparro, Associate MFT: being a resource to people before and after ‘gender affirmation’ surgery/therapies. Cross sex hormones and mutilation of the body do not provide a path of empathy to help our loved ones with gender dysphoria move forward.
  • Gender is not on a spectrum; there is a biological reality of men and women. Children are most harmed by gender ideology issues. Neuroscientist, Discussing Dr. Debra Soh key concerns with separating gender from biological sex.
  • Male fertility is becoming as big an issue as female fertility: NaPro doctors help men also! 
  • Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris: Planned Parenthood ally; fighting for unfettered access to abortion on demand at all stages, and anti-Catholic 
  • Knowing if you’re an introvert or extrovert can help you manage your stress.