Future of religious liberty in US

  • Hour 1 of 8-7-20
  • A look at the future of religious liberty in the US and the world. Michael Berry gives you a glimpse at legislation which has threatened your practice of religion. Berry explains that around the 1940s, lawsuits began to increase putting religious freedom at risk. Secularization has unfortunately become the new norm and has made atheism more acceptable. Even back towards the Industrial Revolution, Berry explains that we began to see this switch in culture. Now, we see our faith impacted during COVID due to not being able to go to church, and our right to defend traditional marriage has also been compromised.
  • A continued series with David Carollo on Our Lady’s Peace Plan. They look at the mysticism of St. Jacinta, who had an incredible devotion to Our Lady and an unwavering faith. Her response to Our Lady’s request was unique, and the movie Fatima will portray that well for you. St. Jacinta did not have much time on Earth to live out the call Our Blessed Mother asked for, so she made “every moment count,” as credited by David Carollo. But she did use the short time she had to save souls. What an example for us! We must have “charity for souls” and offer up our suffering.